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I’d always wanted to be a developer. Growing up, I watched practically every computer-related movie/documentary I could find – from Pirates of Silicon Valley and The Social Network to Triumph of the Nerds and Revolution OS. There was just something about spending hours at a keyboard that fascinated me. Weird? I know. Nonetheless, such was what appealed to a younger Tofunmi Kupoluyi.

Almost inevitably, at the age of twelve, I started learning how to code. With school activities and limited free time, I sought knowledge online. Scouring YouTube and W3Schools, I picked up everything and anything I could find and in a matter of years had learnt a bit of HTML, Java, JavaScript and even PHP. I may not have been the best developer and oftentimes my code never really followed convention but it was what I liked to do. In a way, it was my escape from the…

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Rise of the era of digital addresses

This is a project that I am working on. We want to change the way addresses are shared.

Salaye (Explain) !

In countries where the street addressing system is poor, locating an address could be difficult for people and businesses. Enroutify is a solution to locating addresses in places without good addressing systems. It allows users can share locations digitally, generating a GPS coordinate and a driving direction securely. It plots a route and generate driving directions to the locations you share. Whether it is a party, meeting or a night out with friends.

Enroutify AppOne of the problems businesses face today is getting the correct addresses of their customers and locating them. In countries where the streets are not numbered correctly and where some locations are not well layout, locating an address could be such a pain for businesses and people. For example, when a consumer buys a product online and inputs his address, the E Commerce store tries to deliver the purchased product to the address. Most of the time, the dispatch riders…

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jQuery: Search text in elements and display only elements that matches the text

It displays only the elements that contains the text we are searching for.

// Run the code on every text entered
$('#text').keyup(function () {
// Get the text input value
var inputval = $(this).val();
// remove the foo class from foo class elements
$("#dad li.foo").removeClass("foo");
// Filter through all list element (see http://stackoverflow.com/a/7569871/2131693) and add the foo class to mark the list elements we are interested in
var x = $("#dad li").filter(function () {
return $(this).text().substr(0, inputval.length) === inputval;
// show the foo class elements
$("#dad li.foo").show("slow");
// hide the non foo class elements that we are not interested in
$("#dad li").not('.foo').hide('slow');

See it in action on Fiddle

jQuery: “The Write Less, Do More JavaScript Framework”

What is jQuery.

jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers. With a combination of versatility and extensibility, jQuery has changed the way that millions of people write JavaScript. According to the official jQuery website.

In my early years as a programmer, my greatest fear was learning JavaScript. Then, to me, it looked like an alien language, it is not Object Oriented, and to achieve a simple task, you have to  write numerous lines of code. Back then, the common thing people use JavaScript for (Especially, newbies) was to create alert or notification which i guess is the simplest form of javascript code. Here is an example below;

alert("Some descriptive text notification for the user.")

If you were  to write a traditional javascript code to hide an element, it would look something like this below;

function hideshow(which){
if (!document.getElementById)
if (which.style.display=="block")
which.style.display="block" }

Where you could have written something like this;


Now, You see how easy the later code was. Easy to understand right? That is what jQuery Does.

How To Use jQuery

To use jQuery, you have to include it at the bottom of your HTML makeup. First, you will need to get a copy from the jQuery website, or use the CDN to get the latest stable version.


Or click here to download jQuery.

After downloading and including it to your HTML makeup, Here are some code that can kick start your journey into jQuery.



Here is a jQuery Form Validator Plugin Reference


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Forgot your Admin password on Windows 8? Reset it without software!

Forgot your password? How to reset your password on Windows 8 using command prompt.

The Code Post

Okay, so it’s easy to reset a password with admin command prompt, but we don’t have access to admin command prompt, because we don’t have the admin password.

Mission 1: Gain access to admin command prompt

Quick disclaimer: If something goes wrong, it’s your own fault.  I accept no responsibility. (Although if you follow these directions, nothing should go wrong.)

1) Force your computer off by holding in the power button. Turn it back on, and when it says, “To interrupt normal start up press (a key)” Press that key.

2) Then it will say “Press (a key) to recover your system”  Press that key.

3) Select your language and keyboard layout.

4) select “troubleshoot”, then “advanced options”, then “command prompt”.

5) Type in “notepad” and press enter

6) Now, within notepad, go to “File” then “open.”

7) Set “Files of type” to “All files”

8) Now navigate to System32…

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