Want to become a web developer? Where to start

There are different path to becoming a web developer, as there are different programming language that can be used to render HTML. Examples are, PHP, perl, python, Java and so on.

Basically, a website can be developed using HTML and CSS only. This type of websites are called static websites. Static In the sense that you have to create and write the code for each page of the website and it doesn’t have a database.
To develop a website that is not static, in other word, dynamic, you have to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and one web programming language. HTML is the make up language, CSS will give the webpage the cool style like colors etc, JavaScript will deal with the client side programming like displaying those cool pop-up that you see in cool websites and the web programming language will deal with the server side stuffs. Like connection and communication with database, eg MySQL.

I know you will be thinking deep in your mind “which programming language should I learn”, don’t worry, I will answer that question for you. I will say Learn PHP.
PHP stands for hypertext per-processor..it is an easy to learn programming language and has a really large user base, making it easy to find help in those awkward moment when you forget to add the semi colon at the end of a line.
So learn PHP, PHP is good for you if you want to jump start the process of been a web developer.

There are some important tools you will need for web development. You will need an ide. Most developer use ide like netbeans, dreamweaver, eclipse and notepad. I use phpdesigner. This has to be your own choice.

Now that you are setup and ready to roll, put your coding hat on and grab that cup of coffee Cos we are going to do some cool stuff together in the next post.

Good Bye.


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