OPENSOURCE: Property Listing App for Real Estate Companies

You can join this project if you want to. Built on CodeIgniter HMVC.

Fork it here:

This script is a property listing website for real estate.

This script is not completed yet.


toletlg modules ============= users – done
avatars – done
user search – done
roles – done
status -done
user access control – done

property type
list type
property images
property status
recommend property to a friend
give each user a subdomain

get the db in the db folder, edit db settings in application/config/database login with username: admin password:password123

Rules: one db:table to a module eg, a table named foo must have a module named foo all module that has a db must have cruds where s is search please, use the template module provided to render view files. you can improve on it tho.

Code is Poetry. May the force be with us all.


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