Forgot your Admin password on Windows 8? Reset it without software!

Forgot your password? How to reset your password on Windows 8 using command prompt.

The Code Post

Okay, so it’s easy to reset a password with admin command prompt, but we don’t have access to admin command prompt, because we don’t have the admin password.

Mission 1: Gain access to admin command prompt

Quick disclaimer: If something goes wrong, it’s your own fault.  I accept no responsibility. (Although if you follow these directions, nothing should go wrong.)

1) Force your computer off by holding in the power button. Turn it back on, and when it says, “To interrupt normal start up press (a key)” Press that key.

2) Then it will say “Press (a key) to recover your system”  Press that key.

3) Select your language and keyboard layout.

4) select “troubleshoot”, then “advanced options”, then “command prompt”.

5) Type in “notepad” and press enter

6) Now, within notepad, go to “File” then “open.”

7) Set “Files of type” to “All files”

8) Now navigate to System32…

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