Flutterwave – An Experience

Tofunmi's Blog

I’d always wanted to be a developer. Growing up, I watched practically every computer-related movie/documentary I could find – from Pirates of Silicon Valley and The Social Network to Triumph of the Nerds and Revolution OS. There was just something about spending hours at a keyboard that fascinated me. Weird? I know. Nonetheless, such was what appealed to a younger Tofunmi Kupoluyi.

Almost inevitably, at the age of twelve, I started learning how to code. With school activities and limited free time, I sought knowledge online. Scouring YouTube and W3Schools, I picked up everything and anything I could find and in a matter of years had learnt a bit of HTML, Java, JavaScript and even PHP. I may not have been the best developer and oftentimes my code never really followed convention but it was what I liked to do. In a way, it was my escape from the…

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